Marine Generators & Alternators


Marine generators offer invaluable comfort and service on the water.  Knowing your generator is working in top condition can save a lot of headache.  At Harbor Marine, we can get you back on the water and help maintain your yachting experience with a compact and powerful Fischer Panda generator.

Whether you're having starting issues, water flow issues or a faulty switch, our diesel technicians can diagnose and troubleshoot your marine generator.  We provide installations, replacements and servicing. 


Fischer Panda marine generators are the ideal choice for cruising yachts where space is limited, but power cannot be compromised.  Our generators are compact, light, quiet, and very efficient.  



We can assist with the sales, upgrade and installation of high output alternators for your engine to increase your battery charging capacity.  This compliments our lithium battery systems, which are capable of accepting extremely high rates of charge, by greatly reducing the amount of run time needed to replenish a depleted battery bank.

​We are happily partnered with Balmar to bring you their high quality, high output alternators.  Click the link to learn more about Balmar DC Charging Solutions.

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